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Leaders In Desktop Virtualization

More onerous regulatory requirements, real time risk mitigation, and essential services are just some of today’s business needs that demand consideration of a Virtualized Desktop Solution. After twenty years of perfecting virtualization solutions across the global trading floors of Canadian banks, we are expert in the competing technologies, the hazards that can cause each of them to fail, and the best ways to select and deploy them in varied environments. Done properly, advantages to both end users and teams that manage infrastructure include: instantaneous recovery, seamless transitions from physical to remote, remote access, uninterrupted Disaster Recovery, zero downtime and on demand provisioning.

Picture of two rows of traders desks with multiple monitors per workstation

Protect Your Business

Unexpected events such as SARS, the G20 riot, and natural disasters can have an immediate and devastating business impact if technology availability is not maintained. High value employees must be capable of staying productive while ensuring the safety of your information. High Availability, Information Security, Protection against Data Loss and Disaster Recovery are all features of a properly implemented solution designed to manage your risk to acceptable levels and ensure minimal downtime.

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Making Infrastructure Work

Technology changes continue to accelerate while training resources become more scarce. Despite these challenges, IT teams are still required to respond to mandatory regulatory changes, platform updates, new systems, and infrastructure upgrades. The Coach House Partners team spent decades overcoming similar challenges to deliver compliant, low latency, and redundant solutions for highly scrutinized international trading businesses. Distinct requirements in each trading center has afforded our staff a depth of knowledge in System Management necessary to ensure that your solutions are tailored to your specific business needs. Our specialization includes Desktop Management, Remote Access Strategies and Disaster Recovery. Coach House Partners will deliver customized solutions to you in less time because we’ve done it before, many times and using many technologies.

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About Coach House Partners

We provide Consulting and Managed Technology Services to North American clients

Leveraging our experience at enterprise Financial Institutions we deliver a broad scope of technical and business transformation capabilities. Our passion for technology drives us to continually explore and experiment with new innovations and our dedication to customer success drives us to produce client specific solutions.

A long history of exceeding the expectations of the Capital Markets user community has given us a deep understanding of the pressure clients are under to perform. We do whatever it takes to contribute to your success - from replacing a shattered handset to delivering a new low latency co-located trading environment. An ingrained level of personal service and an extensive understanding of technology is the Coach House trademark.

A Coach House was a structure typically located behind the main house used for the storage and maintenance of carriages. Our name is meant to resonate with our primary purpose: to expertly support your needs in order to ensure that you reach your goals. We know that our success can only follow yours and we will fix, advise, or assist in any capacity needed to get you there.